my AKIRA-improved leg courtesy of charlotte ross

go check her out, moving to Empress Tattoo in liverpool next month

It’s a nod to my childhood insomnia spent in front of a tv checking out fucked up late night channel 4.  From the age of 8 I would secretly watch late night tv and it shaped me in a pretty fundamental way.  After school conversations with my gran about the golden girls and prisoner cell block H.  Can still remember seeing AKIRA for the first time like it was yesterday. The reason i picked this image for the tattoo is it had to be connected to the film, not from the graphic novels. I didn’t have time to try and screen capture, I know I probably could have got something more visually interesting, took a lot of thought but I kept coming back to this.  I love it.

does anyone know where this is from?  i found it on tumblr years ago with no tags and totally love it.  i would even consider getting it tattoo’d but wanna know where it’s from.

ta! xxx




lady snowblood.

someone asked me what snowblood was today.

my hero.

the inspiration for not only kill bill but for what will be my first tattoo (dependant on me getting my shit together).


in summation she is epic. that’s what snowblood is.

if you don’t know, get to know!

(try hard disclaimer: i liked this before i saw kill bill)