Disappointed in a lot of people. Not for their opinions but for making such an important decision based on no actual opinions. The western world has bastardised and perverted democracy. Today the potential for real democracy has been squandered through the facade of what we call democracy.

Listened to a person who drives an Audi and a Merc talk about how they don’t get how having full control of our countries wealth and spending could have helped solve food banks and then suggest donating £1 to a charity that provides them.

Because instead of spending money on wars that the people you represent don’t want, instead of bailing out bankers then fighting to let them keep their ridiculous bonus’, instead of keeping trident… You could not tighten your grip on people with no money, you could not introduce taxes only the wealthy can afford. Fucking austerity. You could serve citizens not corporations.

They are destroying the NHS and my mother has seriously poor health. It must be nice to be able to afford private care if you need it. Not to have to be shit scared at watching your mother in the hands of a health service that is deteriorating and where they once would have prolonged her life will simply provide her with a hellscape to deteriorate and suffer in.

Terrified my niece and nephew will end up having to do national fucking service in a day and age when we are conscious enough to respect peoples rights to not fight wars or represent ideals they do not believe.

I don’t have the energy to talk to people about it because its all tit for tat, high horse BS. If you’ve kept quiet all thus time keep your mouth fucking shut. Also don’t treat something that can impact on my family and friends children’s lives as though its something trivial. Just because you are protected by privilege.

I don’t mind people thinking differently, i mind people not thinking.